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About Tidal Treasures


I live on a small island in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. All of my sea glass comes from many hours of walking the shores of Prudence Island, other Rhode Island Beaches, and various beaches during my honeymoon in Italy and other travels. My current product line includes frames mosaic artwork, seaglass light blocks, seaglass candles, seaglass ornaments and seaglass jewelry. My jewelry designs include wire wrapping, soldering, hand-drilling and bezels and are made with sterling silver parts and authentic sea glass. All of my glass is exactly how it came from the ocean, I don't alter it with sanding or shaping. 

Sea glass originates from glass products that have made their way into the ocean. Once in the ocean, the sand and rock act as varying grits of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges of the sea glass. Sea glass usually acquires a frosty, pitted patina. This is due to exposure to water with a higher than average pH value. The alkaline nature of the water will affect the surface of the glass which leads to the "C-shaped" g and frost often associated with sea glass. In different coastal locations around the world with varying degrees of pH the sea glass will have more or less frost associated with it. It can take from 10-50 years tumbling around the ocean for glass to "become" sea glass. Every piece is unique in shape and coloring.

As there is more focus on recycling, keeping oceans clean, plastic instead of glass, etc, sea glass becomes harder and harder to find. That makes each piece truly unique and one-of-a-kind. :)

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